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Food Truck Services

Food Trucks For Rent, Staffing, Permitting, Insurance, Logistics, Consulting, Food Truck Sales, Legal Counsel, and More.

1. Corporate Food Truck Marketing Campaigns

We provide full turn-key service including food trucks, staff, permits, insurance, branding, digital data, logistics, and menu. Prior clients include Microsoft, Fox, ESPN, Frito-Lay, Gallo Wines, NBC, Food Network, and more. Here are some Samples of our Prior Work.

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2. Food Trucks For Rent

You can rent food trucks direct from our own fleet. We provide food truck maintenance, auto insurance, permitting, commissary service, walk-in refrigerator & freezer storage, cleaning, and more.

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3. Buy & Sell Food Trucks

Our Food Trucks For Sale page is the #1 resource to buy & sell food trucks. All customer inquires are sent directly to the food truck owners so you can negotiate all terms direct. If you would like to list your food truck for sale, contact our food truck sales listing department.

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4. Food Truck Document Services

Our Food Truck Permits & Licenses Reports details all the permits required to operate a food truck, city by city for the entire U.S. The report includes issuing agencies and their contact information. Our Food Truck Rental Agreement & Checklist, is a complete food truck rental contract drafted by a law firm with extensive experience in food truck rentals. Included is a checklist with all the elements to consider when renting a food truck, whether you’re the food truck owner or renter. 

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5. Food Truck Industry Consulting

From our years of experience in the food truck industry, we provide knowledgeable business and legal counsel for municipalities, advertising agencies, corporations, and restaurants. Previous consulting clients include the City of Bostonthe Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau, CNBC’s “Restaurant Startup”, Safeway, Inc., and more.

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